Does Bella Goodlife provide AAFCO complete and balanced meals?

Absolutely! All our fresh meals for dogs are complete and balanced to not only AAFCO standards but also the National Research Council.  Read why that’s important, and how our meals are so perfectly balanced here!

I’m concerned about the questionable ingredients in commercial dog foods, how can I be assured of what’s in Bella Goodlife?

No Nasties, Just Fabulous is our slogan for a reason! We only use fresh human grade ingredients in all our products.  Every week we shop the grocery stores ourselves to hand select perfect ingredients for your dogs food. And all our food is always handmade at home with no processing! Watch our video, From Kitchen to Bowl to see exactly how we make your dogs food!

Which variety of Bella Goodlife should I buy for my dog?

We have 2 varieties of complete and balanced meals for dogs (more coming soon!)

For Healthy Active Dogs - Ciao Bella Burgers

For Sensitive dogs prone to allergies, sensitive stomachs or overweight dogs - Ciao Bella Burgers - No Chicken for Sensitive Dogs

Read our blog post - Is your dog Active or Sensitive?

It seems too expensive for me, how can I make it more affordable? 

For small dogs like chihuahuas feeding Bella Goodlife exclusively costs less than $1 per day! To make Bella Burgers go further for any size of dog, you can always alternate meals with half kibble half Bella Burgers, alternate meals, or just use Bella Goodlife as a delicious healthy topper to enhance your dogs meal.  Tell us more about your dog and we'll send you a free personalized feeding and pricing guide!

I prefer to feed my dog a cooked diet, can I cook Bella Burgers?

Yes!  You can thoroughly cook Bella’s Burgers, the No Chicken variety.  Cook for your dog today by reading our guide!

My dog has a sensitive stomach when I switch foods, how do I transition slowly? 

For sensitive stomachs, we recommend our Bella Burgers without chicken. They are blander and lower in fat so gentler on sensitive stomachs. We recommend introducing Bella Burgers to sensitive tummies over the course of 1-2 weeks, gradually adding more Bella Burgers while reducing their old food.

Do you provide free delivery?

We charge delivery for customers placing single orders to cover our insulation, ice and shipping costs.  Subscription customers receive free shipping, we just ask that you return our ice and insulation with the prepaid shipping label we send you!

My dog needs a low fat diet, are Ciao Bella Burgers appropriate?

Absolutely, Bella’s Burgers without chicken are made with the leanest cuts of meat for a lower fat option. Perfect for dogs who need to lose weight, or have sensitive stomach issues.