Why is fresh food best for dogs?

Emma Gibson

Commercial petfoods not only contain at least 50% carbohydrates, poor protein sources and have been heavily processed with heat and extrusion to produce a long life shelf stable product.  However, we are now recognizing that feeding carnivores an abundance of grains causes cancer and creates fat, diabetic animals, so the industry is turning to grain-free dry foods. The problem is that biologically inappropriate levels of high-glycemic starches like potatoes, pea flour and legumes have taken the place of grains in dry pet food.  These contain lectins which create GI inflammation irritation, and the FDA has recently released a study showing legumes can inhibit taurine absorption leading to many cases of Dilated Cardiomyopathy in dogs (DCM).  The FDA's progress is far from conclusive but it's clear that processed diets are a major factor  Read the latest here

Due to the resilience of canines to be able to survive and appear to do well on processed foods, the results take their toll on dogs over time, with 67% of dogs being diagnosed with cancer when up until that point they seemed to be doing just fine.  Inappropriate nutrition is also leading many pets to be obese, diabetic, immune compromised and ridden with allergies. 

It may cost more to feed an appropriate diet to your dog, but leading veterinarians are confident it is well and truly worth it, and pet parents will see a great reduction in veterinary costs, especially for dogs suffering from itching or digestive issues.  Read Dr Becker's article here

 Leading scientists and veterinarians agree convenience pet foods are the root cause of the inflammatory processes and degenerative diseases that plague today's dogs. A biologically correct diet for a carnivore is high in moisture and protein, moderate in fat, and low in carbohydrates. Most pet foods on the market today are the opposite – low in moisture content, with low to moderate amounts of poor quality protein and fat, and high in starches or carbs.

Couple this information with the lack of integrity and transparency in Big Pet Food companies and it’s no wonder pet owners everywhere have valid concerns about the ingredients they are feeding their beloved pets every single day.



We created Bella Goodlife Ciao Bella Burgers to offer Austin dogs the best fresh nutrition available and give their dog parents the peace of mind that their dogs are eating an optimal and complete diet perfectly balanced with whole fresh ingredients.  In an ideal world we would all have the time and space to prepare and store real fresh meals for our dogs, but in reality it’s just not feasible.  So we do it for you!

If you have ANY questions on our ingredients, nutrient levels, or current issues with your dog that you are looking to address please CONTACT US!


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