What's the best way to serve Ciao Bella Burgers?

Emma Gibson

It's a question we get often from our pup parent customers. What is the best way to serve my dogs food?  The answer is simple, however works best for you and your dog!

Transitioning to Ciao Bella Burgers

If your dog has been used to a commercially processed diet, we recommend transitioning to Ciao Bella over about a week.  This is easy!  Start by using Ciao Bella Burgers as a topper for the first 2 days.  Each Ciao Bella Burgers is the equivalent of 1 cup of kibble.  So if your dog usually eats a cup of kibble, transition as follows:

Day 1 and 2 - 3/4 cup of kibble and 1/4 Ciao Bella Burger

Day 3 and 4 - 1/2 cup kibble and 1/2 Ciao Bella Burger

Day 5 and 6 - 1/4 cup kibble and 3/4 Ciao Bella Burger

Day 7 onward - continue to mix or feed just Ciao Bella Burgers.

If you have any concerns or digestive reactions just take your time and take more days to transition if necessary

Serving Ciao Bella Burgers 

Ideally you'll thaw your Ciao Bella Burgers in the fridge - when you feed your dog tonight simply take out a patty for tomorrow and place it in a bag or clean dog bowl in your fridge, it'll be ready to serve by dinner time tomorrow!  If you prefer to feed 2 meals a day your morning portion will more than likely be thawed in time for breakfast, if not you can just drizzle over some hot water and let sit for a couple of minutes.

But it's easy to forget to thaw patties, we know your days are busy!  So when you get home from work you can thaw Ciao Bella Burgers for a couple of hours on your countertop, or if you're really desperate then the microwave or oven are options.

Even if the patty is not totally thawed, that's ok too!  Bella often eats her patty partially frozen. 

Once Ciao Bella Burgers are thawed we like to crumble them with the side of a fork in the bowl.  Please make sure you always serve your dog's food in stainless steel or ceramic bowls, never plastic! 

At this point you can add any supplements you choose, although please remember Ciao Bella Burgers are complete and balanced and any unadvised supplements may throw the balance off, and oversupplementing certain netrients can cause toxicity..  Here is a useful resource on supplementation.  Don't supplement just for the sake of it though, do it to address and further support specific issues and research your choices.  You can also ask your vet for supplementation advice or ask Bella Goodlife! We'll be posting more articles on supplementing for specific issues soon!

Want to serve your dog warm meals because he prefers it or you prefer it?  That's totally fine too!  Here is our official serving guide, but feel free to ask us alternatives, and remember, always feed the dog in front of you, they all have different preferences!

You can also be a personal chef for your dog, and fully cook our Ciao Bella Burgers - Chicken Free without compromising nutrition.  Some pup parents just prefer to serve cooked food, so we give you the option!


Ready to try a free sample pack of Ciao Bella Burgers for your dog!  Shop right here!

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