What NOT to feed your dog this Thanksgiving!

Emma Gibson

Treat your dog this Thanksgiving!  But only appropriately!

Vets are overloaded at this time of year with dogs having eaten things they shouldn’t… Here’s what you can, and definitely cannot treat your dog to at Thanksgiving!

We know your dog knows there’s a big turkey and all the good stuff cooking this week…  And you know you’re going to give in and treat them..  Here’s what you can and can’t treat your dog to over the holidays!


  • Cooked bones – no cooked bones, ever!  Cooked bones splinter when chewed and cause sharp pieces that can cause digestive obstruction.  Raw bones that are appropriate for your dog in size and density are the only appropriate bones for your dog as raw bones do not splinter. 
  • Chocolate – Watch out for any pieces that drop on the floor or are counter surfable!
  • Onions – not typically appetizing to dogs raw or cooked but some dogs eat anything….  To be avoided.

If your dog accidentally get’s into one of the above, monitor them closely and if they are acting out of the ordinary then please consult your veterinarian.


Give your dog the best Thanksgiving meal just like you're serving for the family, but appropriate for dogs with our Turkey Based Burgers!  You can even cook our meals for your dog if they prefer a cooked diet, or you just like to treat them like one of the kids!


IF your dog is generally tolerant to table scraps and at a healthy weight:

Raw or cooked giblets if you’re not using them, or raw or cooked skin or scraps of meat

If your dog has a sensitive stomach or is overweight:

  • Lean bits of cooked or raw meat only (unseasoned)
  • Raw or cooked green vegetables or carrots (unseasoned)
  • Pure pumpkin puree (not pie filling!)
  • Cooked sweet potato or pumpkin (unseasoned)

Is your dog at the right weight?!



The MOST important thing with treating your dog to suitable table scraps is keeping portion size appropriate!  And if your dog is prone to gaining weight keep that in mind, only feed lean scraps and reduce their normal meal size a little too.  Remember a slice of turkey is a whole meal’s worth for a 5lb chihuahua but a mere tasty morsel to a 75lb German shepherd!

Please, if you KNOW your dog is overweight you have to practice some tough love and restrict their food intake.  However you can feed them some green veggies as a treat if they’ll take them!

It’s always a good idea to incorporate fresh food or toppers into your dog’s dry food diet, read how and why here.  Or, it’s the BEST idea to feed your dog a complete and balanced fresh food diet free from processing and low quality ingredients, just like Bella Goodlife

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