What makes Bella Goodlife Just Fabulous?!

Emma Gibson


So why are Ciao Bella Burgers Just Fabulous?!  Because at Bella Goodlife we are committed to providing dogs with the BEST diet possible, while keeping it easy and convenient for pup parents to store and serve healthy fresh food at the right price, with minimal recyclable packaging.    On top of that, you can contact us ANYTIME with questions on our food or anything dog related!  Free from anything nasty, with all ingredients hand selected daily in leading grocery stores, and superfood supplements selected specifically for their nutrient profiles.  No fillers, no synthetic vitamin mixes, no mystery ingredients.  We select ALL our ingredients by hand in leading grocery stores, and every Ciao Bella Burger is home-made and hand packaged daily for your dog to enjoy!

Just 85% fresh meat, bone and organs perfectly balanced with fresh vegetables, healthy grains and superfood supplements.


In order to assure our Ciao Bella Burgers meet both AAFCO and NRC standards we consulted with numerous veterinary nutritionists, scientists and veterinarians from around the globe to select optimal ingredients.  We interrogated each and every ingredient obsessively for sustainability and integrity of suppliers and nutritional profiles, to make sure we were including absolutely NO unnecessary ingredients or fillers.  This also means we selected ingredients with the best bioavailibility of nutrients so we only need minimal supplementation.  Synthetic vitamin mixes are against our philosophy as they are exceedingly difficult to source with integrity and we prefer to meet nutrient profiles with whole fresh foods.


We also chose not to go with a "ratio" diet for our formula, because typically these diets are deficient in trace minerals which bears consequences over time.  If you wanted to compare Bella Goodlife to a feeding principle, the closest would be the BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding) model.


On top of meeting nutrient profiles to make sure that Ciao Bella Burgers are complete and balanced for both AAFCO and NRC guidelines, we went a step further and made sure our recipes are even better than that.  We did this by ensuring our Fatty Acid, Calcium to Phosphorus and Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratios are absolutely OPTIMAL AND PERFECT.  This level of detail goes far beyond any regulation and recommendation and is based on scientific studies, yet rarely considered by dog food manufacturers.


Our recipe was then thoroughly not only database tested but lab tested for nutritional completeness.  Additionally we test both our product and kitchen for any pathogenic bacteria.  But because we make and package everything at home by hand with store bought ingredients we have the utmost confidence in our hygiene and sanitary conditions!



Our Ciao Bella Burgers are seared very briefly in the oven.  This means they are very lightly cooked on the outside and remain pink on the inside, like a medium rare steak.  If you wish to warm them gently through you can do this, take a look at our serving guide and see what works best for your pups!  We chose to sear our burgers because it does make them freeze and package better, and the tiniest bit of cooking makes them even more appetizing to dogs but does not compromise nutrients!


Although it's clearly optimal to feed a complete and balanced fresh food diet (see why in this article) to your dog, it's not always affordable every day or sometimes it's inconvenient.  But it's proven that even a few fresh meals per week can reduce your dog's risk of cancer by up to 90%, so surely it's worth it?!

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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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