Truman & Jake Chose Me, Now I Choose to Give Them the Goodlife!

Catie Clemens

This is a story about how a fun-loving, Mueller-based Austinite, became the crazy lady with 2 big dogs.  Amanda, originally from Houston, but local to Austin for the last 30 years and had always been a dog person!   When she first decided to look for a dog, she happened across Truman, now 7, a golden retriever puppy on Craigslist.  (We know, we know – NEVER buy a dog off Craigslist!).  

When Amanda arrived at the seller’s house, she found tiny, energetic one-year old Truman in a human sized caged.  This small, fury ball of energy was clearly in poor shape and she realized she would not be leaving without him.  When the gentleman asked for an exuberant fee, Amanda gave him what she had in her wallet, $86 and took the puppy home.  Truman slept in her bed that night and hasn’t missed a night with her since.

Fast forward a year later, Amanda’s mom heard of a Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy in the country, who had fallen off a truck and broken his leg very severely, to the point that he lost it.  The owner couldn’t afford to treat the leg, so her mother rescued the pup and found a family for him.  While the pup, Jake, now 6, was waiting for his new family to come pick him up, bonded very well to Truman…and subsequently Amanda.  After a month, Amanda let her mom know that even if the family arrived, Jake would not be going home with them!

Amanda happened upon Bella Goodlife early this summer when a friend recommended the free trial pack at a pool party.  While Amanda loves her dogs and the finer things in life, the idea and cost of feeding fresh raw to her large dogs daily had always been a bit daunting, but once she saw her dog’s reaction to fresh food as a topper to their kibble, there was no turning back!  “By feeding Truman and Jake Bella Goodlife for half their total meal, along with their existing kibble, I know I’m providing them with optimal nutrition from fresh ingredients that won’t break the bank!  Plus, they absolutely love it, and their coats are already softer and shinier!”

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