Serve fresh food on a budget and improve your dog's health!

Emma Gibson

Use Bella Goodlife as a topper!


We hear it every week from pup parents, either you’re nervous to incorporate fresh food into your dog’s diet as they are prone to a sensitive stomach, or you’re worried it will simply become too expensive to feed your dog a complete and fresh diet every day long term. 

We have the solution to both!  If you’re on a budget or want to transition your dog slowly to fresh food to avoid stomach upset then simply use Bella Goodlife as a topper!  This is also great for picky eaters, a delicious fresh and healthy topper to entice them to eat!

You can serve your Bella Goodlife topper warm or cold.  Thaw the patties as per the instructions on the package, and substitute ¼ cup kibble for ¼ patty, or ½ cup for ½ patty, and so on.  As Bella Goodlife is complete and balanced you can substitute as much as you like, or all of your dog’s meal and be assured they are receiving optimal nutrition with every mouthful!

If you prefer to serve cooked toppers to your dog then gently cook our Ciao Bella Burgers without chicken and allow to cool before topping or mixing in with your dog’s kibble.  Read more on cooking for your dog here.

Some people choose to alternate meals between raw/cooked food and kibble, that’s totally fine too, whatever works for your dog!

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  • My dog is 5 yo Pom and was recently placed on hills & dales skin sensitive kibble due to skin lesions he was getting on his anus. He also sneezes a lot and licks his feet a lot. I want to transition to raw or dehydrated food but need advise because of his allergies?

    Cristina Schnoke

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