Improve your dogs health with fresh food!

Emma Gibson

Even if you must feed kibble, for budgetary reasons or otherwise, there are some quick and economical things you can pick up on your next supermarket visit to add some freshness to your dogs bowl!  These items will add nutrition and taste, but also ensure your meals remain balanced.

If you already feed a complete raw or cooked food diet, you can still add these, particularly if you are looking for your dog to either put on weight or just feel fuller after meals.

Fresh eggs: Ideally raw and pasture raised, but you can lightly scramble or boil them if you prefer.  The easiest way to portion is to beat raw eggs in a jug then pour into ice cube moulds and freeze.  Pop out 1 cube per 10lb bodyweight for your dog each day!  Or if your dog is 20-30lbs just add a whole broken egg to their meals every day or every other day!

Sardines:  The most commonly available sardines are canned.  Look for them canned in water and without added sodium.  Sardines are an excellent source of Omega 3s, you can add about 1oz of sardines per 10lb bodyweight a few times a week as a topper.

Fruit and vegetables:  Leafy green vegetables are a great way to provide your dog with additional nutrients and fiber.  But dogs can't process fruits or vegetables whole so you need to blend them in a nutribullet or food processor or steam first.  Add a couple of spoonfuls of water, natural yogurt or even coconut oil and puree.  Then pour into ice cube trays and freeze to add to your dogs meals, or as a cool snack on a hot day.  Our favorite fruit and veggies for dogs are:  Green leafy vegetables, berries, pineapple, carrots and bananas.  Sweet Potatoes, pumpkin and peas are also healthy in small quantities.

Scraps:  Yes - the right scraps are great for dogs!  Meat trimmings without seasoning, leftover green beans and carrots, half a leftover steak - all good!  Just be sensible - if your dog puts on weight easily or is sensitive to fat then stay away from fatty scraps.  If you want your dog to feel fuller without the calories go for green beans or carrots!  And NEVER FEED COOKED LEFTOVER BONES!  You can save cooked bones in a freezer bag then when it's full make a batch of delicious bone broth that your dog will love!

Apple Cider Vinegar:  This is a great addition to your dogs diet.  Make sure to but the one with "The Mother".  Apple Cider Vinegar is probiotic, antibacterial and helps regulate your dogs stomach pH.  It is also great for helping to repel fleas and promote healthy skin.  Add a spoonful to your dog's water bowl and/or a spoonful on their food.

Yogurt or Cottage Cheese:  Only use natural live yogurt with no sweetening or flavoring, and the same with cottage cheese.  Both are great sources of calcium and have great probiotic benefits too. Add up to 1 teaspoon per 10lb bodyweight.


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