Help lower your dog's risk of cancer with some fresh food!

Emma Gibson

It's ideal to feed your dog a fresh food diet every day.  But sometimes it's just not possible EVERY DAY.  Between busy days, limited freezer space and budgeting to feed a whole family, often scooping a cup of kibble into a bowl is just easier all round.

But, as a pet parent you know feeding fresh food is best for dogs, right?  It avoids all the mystery ingredients, fillers and synthetic vitamin mixes, and the heavy rendering and extrusion processes necessary to create commercial dog food.


 So why not compromise and feed your dog fresh food as often as you can?  Maybe that's once a day, maybe it's every other day or even just a few days a week.  Here's some ideas that work well:

  • Feed your dog a fresh food meal in the morning (Ciao Bella Burgers of course!) and dry food in the evenings
  • Feed your dog half the recommended amount of kibble mixed with half the recommended amount of Ciao Bella Burgers in their bowl and feed as one meal, or split into 2 meals.
  • Promise yourself and your dog you'll feed at least 3 or 4 meals a week of fresh food, take tomorrows out of the freezer NOW!

It's not just common sense that fresh food is better for people and dogs, it's being proven!  Check out this study  The long and the short of it is that dogs who had fresh food added to their meals several times a week had their chance of cancer reduced by 90%.  Given 1 in 2 dogs over 10 is being diagnosed with cancer - it's time to help give them a fighting chance at a healthy life!

Here is another study proving the benefits feeding a whole fresh food diet to a dog.

It's really great to see more and more studies proving that fresh food IS the best diet for dogs.  These studies have been slow coming because it takes a huge amount of funding to conduct a credible study, and smaller fresh and raw food manufacturers simply don't have the funds that huge commercial pet food brands do.  But the research is happening!

There's plenty of easy and cheap things you can add to your dog's diet to improve their health - some ideas are here.  But don't think you can just throw together the contents of your fridge and create a complete and nutritious meal for your dogs - just use fresh foods from your household as toppers or treats, the base of your dog's meal should always be a complete and balanced meal.

Make it easy on yourself, always have a bag of Ciao Bella Burgers to hand in your freezer, so you can feed your dog a fresh and healthy meal whenever you like!  Fresh food is more expensive than kibble, but feed some fresh to help your dog's health, and remember a fresh food diet almost always results in fewer trips to the vet!

With our Subscribe and Save incentives it makes it easy and economical to incorporate fresh food into your dog's diet -  save 20% by subscribing, and you choose how often you need your deliveries!

If your dogs are little, you can feed fresh food for under $1 per day, every day!!


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