Feeding a picky eater?!

Emma Gibson


It's no surprise that most dogs eat most things.  Labradors and Doodles frequently eat things they shouldn't (socks, underwear, kleenex) and everything in between.  But some dogs are apparently just "not that into food".  Trust us, this is rarely the case....  Some dogs are just being asked to eat the same dry processed food every day and they're just not that into it, can you blame them?!

Here’s some tips for the pickiest of eaters:

  1. Really picky eaters rarely go for cold food!
  • Like Steak Tartare or Sushi, it’s an acquired taste and not for everyone!  If you feed kibble then try adding some warm water to it, if you feed fresh or raw food, try the same!  Some dogs like their food nice and warm and juicy, like a real home cooked dinner!  It’s important to always make sure your dog’s food is not too hot, like with baby food.  It should be just warm for serving.  Order Bella Goodlife for Sensitive dogs and cook them gently for your pup!
  1. Add a topper they LOVE!
  • Maybe it’s a little shredded cheese, or just a few tiny pieces of bacon bits, or a little fresh or tinned tuna or sardines, lunchmeat, or  some cooked or raw egg!  Whether your toppers are slightly naughty or all healthy, they can appetize your dog into a whole meal!  You can use Ciao Bella Burgers as a topper to appetize your dog if a full fresh diet is not an option.  Read our customer review on topping your dogs meal with Bella Goodlife!
  1. DO NOT Free Feed!!

Would you leave candy out all day for your child to graze on as they please?  No.  So don’t do the same with kibble.  If a dog is not excited for mealtimes and eating a meal all in one sitting they may just HATE the food, or they are merely nibbling for a couple of reasons:

  • Sustenance, we’ll all eat something when hungry enough. Most dogs are fed the same dry diet for every meal of their lives.  It’s perfectly reasonable to assume that a lot of dogs are simply bored of stale, dry food, every single day.
  • simply not hungry (like humans, it’s ok to skip the odd meal, especially if you indulged in a cheeky snack or treat)
  • too hot (Texas summer!)
  • Tired - Don't feed your dog straight after excersize, a short quiet walk is fine, but your dog needs to settle and have their heart rate return to normal before they eat; larger breeds are at risk of bloat if they eat after strenuous exersize.  Equally, your dog should remain calm and chilled out for at least 30 minutes after eating to allow for smooth digestion.  
  1. Stick to feeding times!
  •  If your dog is a picky eater but still maintains a good weight, minimize treats and feed at the same time, once a day (this is advised for picky eaters, but twice a day is fine if that is your routine!  Put your dogs bowl down and if they don’t eat it, take it back up after 10 minutes, put it away until the next mealtime. 
  1. Leave them alone!
  • It’s amazing how much pressure some pet parents put on their pups to eat.  Put the bowl down, and leave them to it!  Would you eat if you were not really into the food anyway and your mom stood over you telling you to eat and offering you by hand?

If your dog does NOT EAT AT ALL for more than 3 days, go to your vet.  A healthy dog may skip a few meals, or even go a few days without eating, but a healthy dog will NOT starve itself and something needs checked out. 

Dogs do NOT graze by nature.  They feast on meals like their ancestors and wild canine cousins.  If you have a picky eater, or one that just nibbles on food without excitement, try feeding your dog real and complete, fresh and tasty diet like Bella Goodlife! Order your free trial pack, follow the advice above by warming it slightly and we’re pretty sure your dog that “isn’t really interested in food” is actually just not interested in eating dry processed convenience food.  Every. Single. Day. Would you be satisfied with that as a diet?! (Labradors do not apply, we all know most of them will happily eat ANYTHING!)


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