Active Dog or Sensitive Dog?

Emma Gibson

Is your dog Active or Sensitive?


Active Dogs

Active dogs are exactly that!  Healthy, Lean and Active, rarely experience stomach sensitivities or allergies, and have a hearty appetite!  If your dog fits into this category we suggest you feed our Ciao Bella Burgers for Active Dogs.


 Your dog does not have to be an agility dog, hunting dog or walk for miles every day to be considered active.  So long as they are in good lean shape with some level of  daily activity and rarely need vet visits for allergies or stomach issues!

Sensitive Dogs

Sensitive dogs come in many sizes, shapes and forms.  Sometimes symptoms come and go, sometimes they make dogs miserable for years, with expensive monthly vet bills.  Does your dog have one or more of the following symptoms?

Sensitive Stomach

Picky Eater

Allergies – itching, licking, rash, hot spots etc

Frequent Ear Infections

Mouth or teeth problems (or no teeth!)

Prone to Pancreatitis

Irregular poops

Throwing up frequently or just sporadically



Our complete and balanced meals Ciao Bella Burgers, without chicken for Sensitive dogs are formulated for dogs with exactly these symptoms!  They are low in fat, avoiding any fatty cuts of meat that trigger weight gain and pancreatitis.  We hand trim all our meat of fat, starting with the finest cuts of turkey, pork and beef.  Because of the lower fat content these patties are also blander so sit much easier in those sensitive stomachs.  We avoid chicken completely in this formula, as chicken is a common allergen in dogs.  A complete and balanced meal for your dog that you can serve raw or cook to your dog’s liking!  Because most picky eaters love a real home cooked meal to get their appetites going!

If you haven't tried our complete and balanced meals yet, and you live in Texas, simply tell us about your dog and we'll send you a completely free trial pack with free delivery!





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